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Public Skate: Bruins at Columbus Blue Jackets, 2:00 ET, First Period

A, O, Way To Go Oh-Hai-Oh! This will be Season 90, Game 4

Jordan Caron defends against R.J. Umberger
Jordan Caron defends against R.J. Umberger
Gregory Shamus

And... here we go! Our first dreaded matinee of the new season:

The Columbus Blue Jackets have come out of the gate with a record that mirrors the Boston Bruins' (2-1-0) and are backstopped by last year's Vezina winning goalie, Sergei Bobrovski . Meanwhile, until Thursday night, the Bruins had gone 100 games without being shut out, but take heart, they have not suffered back to back shutout losses in almost four years. This will be the only time the two teams meet in Columbus this season.

Late breaking news: Tyutin is back in (Nikitin out?) for the CBJ.

Tuukka Rask is in fine form thus far, having stopped 88 of 91 shots and having only allowed one goal in each game. Historically against the Blue Jackets, the Bruins have won three straight and maintain at 4-1-2 record overall.

As he is still recovering from off-season shoulder surgery, former Bruin Nathan Horton will likely not be playing today with anything other than the friendly penguins at the Columbus Zoo.

Enjoy this clip of the shootout from the Bruins vs. the Blue Jackets on November 17, 2011:

LET'S GO, BRUINS! What's on tap this fine October afternoon, Chowder?