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Bruins vs. Red Wings Recap: No Comeback Today, Bruins lose 3-2

feels like 2007

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Recap from Winging it in Motown

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Well that was a rather uninspired game. From the lack of Torey Krug on the 5-on-3, to Brad Marchand's linemate roulette, to the Red Wings blocking literally everything thrown at the net (no thanks to Gustafsson's flopping), nothing seemed to go the Bruins' way.

The Red Sox and Patriots' epic comebacks were shown on the jumbotron and Milan Lucic scored a late goal to attempt a comeback of the Bruins' own, but it was too little too late. Manatee hockey, man. It's never good.

The Good:

- Well, they didn't get blanked like against Colorado, so that's good.

- Loui Eriksson scoring his second goal in two games wasn't too shabby. He tipped in a slow Johnny Boychuk shot from the point. Overall, the line of Eriksson, Bergeron and Smith looked serviceable.

- Iggy had five shots on goal. One's gotta go in sometime, right?

- Red Sox AND Patriots on the jumbotron today. That was probably the loudest the Garden was all night. Which...maybe belongs in the "bad" column.

The Bad:

- Why wasn't Torey Krug out for the 5-on-3 at all?

- Why, with very little time left, did Reilly Smith and Jordan Caron get power play time?

- Can the Bruins please start moving the puck around a little faster on the power play, in general?

- Matt Bartkowski.

The Interesting:

- Milan Lucic's goal was his 100th in the NHL.

Gif of the night

This didn't happen in the Bruins game and that is a damn shame.