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Chiarelli speaks out on Seguin, trade with Dallas - were his words reasonable or uncalled for?

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Fred Greenslade-USA TODAY Sports

As he does occasionally, Peter Chiarelli appeared on T&R radio this morning and was asked about the trade with Dallas - specifically, Tyler Seguin's good start with that club (2-5-7 through five games).

You can listen to the entire clip here, but in a nutshell, Chiarelli was asked if he'd been tracking Seguin's progress since the trade. Chiarelli said no, but followed that with "[Seguin] will get a lot of points wherever he is."

"First, don't judge a performance by points...Second...he's an offensive player. When you make a trade, the return you get has to be compatible and help improve your team...that's how we look at a trade."

Bruins fans have taken to Twitter to rip Chiarelli apart, mostly over the "First, don't judge a performance by points" comment. In context, though, the quote seems pretty innocuous - basically "yes, he's an excellent offensive talent, and we're hoping that what we got in return helps us more than he did."

It's only a few games into the season, and the return for Seguin hasn't been as offensively productive as he has. But where will the Bruins and Stars each be when the season ends? Will having one top offensive weapon help the Stars even make the playoffs, and will missing Seguin really be detrimental to the Bruins' future success in the 2013-2014 season?

What do you think?