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GO HOME, TIMMY! Bruins beat Panthers 3-2

Joel Auerbach

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HA HA TIMMY HA HA. What a sort of cool game! The Bruins came out firing, got two goals in the first, then rested on their laurels enough for the Panthers to get two back. AND THEN REILLY SMITH. Tim Thomas made some good saves (37 to be exact), but Tuukka Rask made more, and that's all that really matters.

The Good:




- The power play scored!

- Listening to Jack Edwards try to restrain himself whenever Tim Thomas made a save was hilarious.

The Bad:

- Wow, the defense looked horrendous. Adam McQuaid must be the answer eh

The Interesting:

- Tonight was Tim Thomas' first game against the Bruins and ha ha he lost.

Notable Moments:

Gif of the night

because this is me right now

Tweet of the Night: