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Friday #FlorthEast Recap Roundup: "...routinely hanging their goalies out to dry."

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We gave this a try last week and it went over well, so let's go for a spin around the #FlorthEast radio dial again and see what's happening around the division.

Toronto Maple Leafs (6-2-0), 3-2 loss to Carolina

James Reimer was injured less than a minute into the game, after he left the crease to smother a rebound, only to have Leivo accidentally knee him in the head. Reimer's helmet once again came off, which has to be about the 10th time that's happened in his career. Just unreal. For a guy who has had so many concussion problems, you'd think by now someone on the team would have the good sense to get him to tie up his mask a little tighter. Word is, he had a headache in the game, but is expected to practice tomorrow.

Detroit Red Wings (6-2-0), 3-2 win vs us

Claude Julien, I'm pro-Smith family, but moving Reilly up to the Patrice Bergeron line in place of Brad Marchand I thought was dumb. Second, Mile Babcock had the 3rd line of Cleary, Andersson and Alfredsson going against the Bruins "top line" of Lucic, Krejci and Iginla. This was interesting... And it worked for the most part.

Tampa Bay Lightning (5-2-0), 5-4 loss to Pittsburgh

It's always a good idea to get to a hockey game on time and not leave early. For instance, if you were just four seconds late tonight, you missed Craig Adams of Pittsburgh and the Lightning's Ryan Malone dropping the gloves on the initial faceoff (with Malone definitely getting the better in the exchange), That was followed immediately by the Penguins' Chuck Kobasew incurring a hooking penalty at :27. The Lightning didn't convert on that power play (or the three that followed) but a tone seemed to be set, in that five of the nine goals scored between the two teams, including the last three, came on the power play.

Montreal Canadiens (5-2-0), win over Winnipeg

The habs haven't lost since last week so apologies for the winning recap. Feels gross. At least they beat the Jets, I guess.

Normally in a game where you're on the puck that hard, you keep pushing and it becomes a blowout, however it seems that Therrien prefered to play it safe and sit on the lead. That it was the final game of a road trip through Western Canada, it makes sense to play it safe, but sitting on a lead is not necessarily safe. Thanks to the superb goaltending of Carey Price, everything worked out, but this is not a strategy we should be looking forward to Therrien deploying again.

Boston Bruins (4-2-0)

Go literally anywhere on this site for that.

Ottawa Senators (3-2-2), 4-1 loss to the Mighty Ducks

Things got worse after that, as the defense allowed two breakaways in the next few minutes. Anderson was able to stop both of those, but Erik Karlsson and Marc Methot allowed Ryan Getzlaf to take over the crease unimpeded, and that was the end of Anderson's night. Last season, the team frequently relied on great goaltending to win games. This season, they are routinely hanging their goalies out to dry. Anderson was not at fault on either goal, but head coach Paul MacLean needed to change the momentum somehow.

Florida Panthers (2-6-0), 4-3 loss to Nashville

Florida was always a step behind the Nashville Predators who unsurprisingly found their offensive pulse against the stumbling Panthers. Maybe, just maybe, if Florida could show up in the first 2 minutes and set a pace for the rest of the game, I wouldn't have to keep finding new ways to say they lost.

Buffalo Sabres (1-7-1), 2-1 loss to Minnesota

Even early on in the Buffalo Sabres season, these recaps can almost start to right [sic] themselves. Opponent gets early goal and gets handful of scoring chances that goaltender stops. Opponent scores another goal or two in second or third period and then the Sabres try and make it close at the end of the third period. Names change and so do some of the events, but the basic premise is still the same.

BONUS: Detroit Tigers, 4-3 loss to Red Sox

The Tigers were finally able to score a run against the Boston bullpen, but couldn't complete a comeback after being down 4-0 in the third inning. Koji Uehara came on with one out in the eighth inning, but was as automatic as he has been all season, notching a five-out save.

So that's your Friday #FlorthEast Recap Roundup. Have a great weekend, and go sox.