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One Team We Really Hate: Rivalry Night's Alright (for Fighting)


There is certainly a movement away from fighting in the league, and not without reason. I'm going to skip over all of that, though, because it's Montreal hate day and it's time to look at some of our favorite fights. Sure, sure, there have been plenty over the years. But here are a few staff favorites:

Bergeron vs. Gorges, 4/18/2009

"Patrice Bergeron's getting in a Fight! And he! Takes! Gorges! Down! CONCUSS THAT!" - Jack Edwards

Patrice Bergeron had returned from injury (a second concussion) and was finally healthy. Gorges punches Bergeron and Patrice gets his first fighting major of his career. Bergeron shows that he's not only good at everything that helps win hockey games, but also throwing the mitts.

Lucic vs. Komisarek, 11/13/2008

"Komisarek! Down! And Lucic taunts the Montreal bench! They have beaten them, and they have beaten them up!" - Jack Edwards

Milan Lucic and Mike Komisarek weren't exactly friends going into this fight but this will always be remembered as the time that Mike Komisarek's very soul was devoured by Milan Lucic. After this, he was never seen as very good of a defenseman. Lucic the Destroyer notches another one.

Wheeler vs. O'Byrne, 2/7/2010

"Not a lot of pugilistic talent, but it was good to see him go." - Jack Edwards

Ryan "The Pursesnatcher" O'Byrne hits Blake Wheeler in the corner and Wheeler drops the gloves. They awkwardly tangle, Wheeler throws a punch, and falls over. As Jack mentioned, not the best fight ever mentioned. Popular mostly for it's hilarity. Post-trade, Blake Wheeler would also fight PK Subban, but that's not a Bruins/habs thing. (or is it?)

Thomas vs. Price, 2/9/2011

"I guess goalies don't have fight straps, huh?" - Jack Edwards

Not Tim Thomas's finest hour, and mostly just a silly thing, but we got a god's honest goalie fight pretty recently out of this rivalry and it was hilarious.

Bobby Orr vs Pete Mahovlich, 4/15/1971

"Orr has him down."

A fight that turned into a small brawl. Lots of jersey pulling in here. Included because Bobby Orr, duh.

The Bruins vs The habs, 11/8/1971

"The Boston Police are around the Montreal Bench, that's where the activity has been..."

Dallas Smith was called for tripping, and then Montreal came off the bench, and then Boston came off the bench, and then the cops got involved. Gerry Cheevers comes off the bench to fight. A knock-down, drag-out donnybrook if ever there was one. Don't see them like this anymore.

Phew, that's a lot of youtube embeds. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did putting this together.

What's your favorite fight not included here?