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When does Chad Johnson get his shot at a Bruins start?

We're turning it over to you the people to guess when tres-cero gets his first start.

hello chad
hello chad
Dilip Vishwanat

We're seven games into the Bruins' season, and Tuukka Rask is sitting pretty with a 5-2-0 record. The Bruins have ten points with two games in hand on division-leading Detroit, who have 12 points.

The upcoming schedule is a little heavier, but not by much: after their game on Saturday, the Bruins now have three days off before playing a back-to-back against the Sabres and Sharks, then one day off before facing the Devils. Following that, they have yet another three-day break.

So the big question is: where does Chad Johnson get his first big start?

Logic would dictate that the Bruins would probably give him an easy game to transition in, but there aren't many of those the rest of this month. They certainly wouldn't throw him to the Sharks in front of a home crowd, and likely wouldn't play him against the Devils at home on a Saturday night. Or would they?

If Rask continues to do well and we don't see Johnson in Wednesday's game, the most likely candidate would be in the back-to-back happening the following week - the Bruins take on Pittsburgh on Wednesday and the Ducks on Thursday. It wouldn't be too shocking to see Johnson in against Anaheim.