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No Bruins, No Problem: What We're Watching Staff Picks 10/21/2013

Climbing the walls without the Black & Gold till WEDNESDAY? No problem, we have some recommendations for you!

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Bruins are off till Wednesday, the Sox are off till Wednesday. You could spend time with loved ones, you could clean your house, you could catch up on sleep (god baseball playoffs take a long ass time), you could empty your DVR...but there's still hockey to watch.

What are we watching and whose gamethreads are we invading tonight?

7:30 PM ET: Colorado Avalanche vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

Mile High Hockey || Pensburgh

Sarah Connors: I'm watching Avs/Penguins because BATTLE FOR COLE HARBOR. Sidney Crosby vs. Nathan MacKinnon. I say the winner should get his name on the sign by the Walmart in their hometown. I also want to watch the Penguins lose, because that's always delightful.

Ecozens: I will also be watching Avs-Pens tonight for all of the exact same reasons Sarah said (NATHAN MACKINNON), and because the Avalanche are some kind of fun to watch this year. Will they be able to keep up their awesome start to the season? How will they match up against Sidney "17 points in 8 games" Crosby? Also because I somehow ended up with like 4 Avs players on my fantasy hockey team, so.

Wayne Whittaker: I'll be watching Colorado/Pittsburgh because my Center Ice free preview ended this weekend (this game is on NBCSN.)

Birda: I'll be watching the Avs and Pens because the best time to watch the Avs is early in the season. Also, I can yell at Crosby (who my autocorrect thinks is Bryant). Also, Jo Drouin's better half (MAC). Also, obviously not the best game on (that'd be Wings and Sharks).

7:30 PM ET: San Jose Sharks at Detroit Red Wings

Fear the Fin || Winging It In Motown

Ian McLaren: I'll be watching San Jose @ Detroit, because Joe Thornton remains my favorite non-Bruin, and anytime I can watch him play before 10:30 EST is a treat. Also, the Sharks and Red Wings are two of the top teams in the league with ridiculous amounts of talent up and down the lineup. There's also the extra rooting interest of 'screw Detroit' as the Bruins look to rise to the top of the Flortheast. Should be a good one.

Giesse: I will be watching San Jose vs. Detroit because I'm hoping Jumbo Joe Thornton scores four times. Or maybe the Sharks goalies will golf one into an empty Detroit net in the last second of the game. Anything could happen

Stephanie Vail: I'll be watching Sharks at Red Wings so I can get a look at this Hertl fellow, and begin to actively cheer for the Flortheast Rival Red Wings to lose every game and not at all hoping Joe Thornton scores four goals.

Lilybraden: On non Bruins nights, I usually flip between many games, but I'm going to start with Detroit/San Jose- because I need to get a look at them when they aren't playing the B's. Also, I'm always suspect of San Jose's starts. I'll flip over for Behind the B on NESN at 8 and likely right back to Detroit/San Jose. Hopefully Joe doesn't score 4 goals during Behind the B - I'd never forgive myself!

Not Hockey:

Cornelius Hardenbergh: I'll be watching red sox highlights on loop