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No Bruins, No Problem: What We're Watching Staff Picks 10/22/2013

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

One more day until Bruins hockey. Let's watch some other games again! Apparently we all have a bunch of different priorities tonight. Erin, you are not as much of a hockey hipster as you think you are!

7:00 PM ET: Anaheim Ducks vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

Pension Plan Puppets || Anaheim Calling

Sean Hathaway: I'll be watching Anaheim and Toronto. These are both teams that can really score and goals would be nice after last night. Plus, Leafs results become fodder for tomorrow's advanced stats bickering on Twitter. Also, Teemu.

Ian McLaren:I'll be watching the Ducks vs Leafs, for two simple reasons. One, I live in Ontario so every Leafs game is on, all the time. Second, I work at theScore and part of my job today is to write a little preview on the game (our Game of the Night), so I'll be interested to see if, you know, my three things to watch for actually come to fruition. Also, #TeemuForever.

Servo: I don't watch games, so I'll be watching a scrape of NHLs RTSS data to see Anaheim's unsustainable shooting percentage fall.

7:00 PM ET: Columbus Blue Jackets vs. New Jersey Devils

Jackets Cannon || In Lou We Trust

Giesse: Will there be a snipe from Michael Ryder or Jaromir Jagr? Will Vezina winning goalie Sergei Bobrovski save the Blue Jackets?

7:30 PM ET: Edmonton Oilers vs. Montreal Canadiens

The Copper and Blue || Habs EOTP

Sarah: I will probably hatewatch Edmonton/Montreal, because I don't mind Edmonton so much (thanks Andrew Ference, David Perron, Jordan Eberle et al).

8:00 PM ET: Nashville Predators vs. Minnesota Wild

On the Forecheck || Hockey Wilderness

Cornelius: Parking my ass on the couch for this jam right here. Going to be watching American Hero Seth Jones take on American Hero Zach Parise and American Hero Ryan Suter in a #ConferenceIII showdown for the ages.

8:00 PM ET: Washington Capitals vs. Winnipeg Jets

Japers Rink || Arctic Ice Hockey

Heather: Washington vs Winnipeg. My husband is a Caps fan. Its kind of a hostage situation.

10:00 PM ET: Calgary Flames vs. Phoenix Coyotes

Five for Howling || Matchsticks and Gasoline

Erin: If Servo was last night's hipster, then I will be tonight's: I'm watching Calgary/Phoenix. Sean Monahan! OEL! And my new "no one else gives a crap about this dude" favorite player, Mikkel Boedker! And honestly, because I thought both these teams were going to be terrible this year, and so far they haven't been all that bad. Also because I might be a glutton for punishment.

Dan Ryan: I will be watching myself fall down at hockey for about an hour and a half, and attempt to not destroy my back like I did last week. Should I get home in time, I'll watch Calgary vs. Phoenix to see Big Money Wides continue to run roughshod over the entire NHL.