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Loui Eriksson to stay overnight in Buffalo; John Scott to have in-person hearing

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Peter Chiarelli issued a statement on Loui Eriksson after the events that occurred in tonight's Bruins-Sabres game.

Eriksson has no prior history of concussions (at least, not in the NHL) but the fact that they're keeping him overnight in Buffalo is definitely unsettling. Wishing him the best in his recovery.

Meanwhile, according to Bob McKenzie, John Scott, who hit Eriksson and then fought Adam McQuaid in the third period, will have an in-person meeting with the Department of Player Safety, although that meeting time has not yet been determined.

What does this mean for Scott, who has no suspension history (how, I have no idea)? It means at least an automatic five games. One would think he'd get more than that, since his hit blatantly targeted the head, it wasn't incidental contact, and Scott definitely had the ability to avoid the hit - especially where Eriksson was in a vulnerable spot.

Will Brendan Shanahan and the Department of Player Safety make the right call on this one?