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Thursday Morning Skate: "Doing His Job"

David Ortiz: pretty great
David Ortiz: pretty great
Rob Carr

After the pile of human garbage that is John Scott (May he retire swiftly) went all Matt Cooke on Loui Eriksson last night, Claude said Scott was just doing his job. So far, in games where I deign to watch Buffalo, I've seen him concuss Shawn Thornton and Loui, and everyone's seen him go after other skill guys as well. The only deterrent that he serves is he makes you consider letting your less skilled players skate around him. What a shitbag the entirety of Buffalo is. From the hole in the ground they call Ralph Wilson Stadium to the FN Center or whatever they're calling it to...are there other landmarks in the landfill?

Go figure that their owner gave almost 90 million dollars to an organization that tacitly approved serial child rape for a quarter century, tearing apart the WCHA in the process. Top to bottom, it's rotten.

But hey, the Sox won! Really glad I watched that instead. Nobody got their head caved in.