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Not John Scott's first suspension for a blindside hit

In college, John Scott once drunk-drove his SUV into the side of another student's car

Incredibly, this isn't the incident I'm talking about.
Incredibly, this isn't the incident I'm talking about.
Daily Mining Gazzette

In looking up things about our new least favorite person employed under the NHL CBA (to call him a hockey player is an insult to skill players like Colton Orr) we found out that this whole "hitting people from the side" thing is no new feat for John Scott. He's been doing it since at least college. Way back in 2005, Scott missed 14 games as a 22-year-old junior at Michigan Tech to suspension.

The blindside didn't happen on the ice, however. John was out and about (as college students do) and had gotten into an argument after a few beers. John Scott did his menacing 6'7" goon thing, making threats and otherwise making another Michigan Tech student nervous. So, the other Michigan Tech student got in a car with their friend and they drove off.

Naturally, John Scott got into his own car and started chasing them.

In their attempts to elude the would-be attacker, the students on the run called the police and pulled sharply into a parking lot. That link brings you to a larger story, but here's a juicy bit:

While Scott was initially unable to make the turn, he then allegedly drove over the curbing surrounding the lot and rammed the side of the Lumina.

He ended up with three charges leveled against him (two felonies and a misdemeanor) and bail set at $3,000.

Much like when he rammed his upper left arm into the side of Loui Eriksson's head, John Scott didn't have a criminal record prior to this incident. Here's hoping that, like the kids in that Lumina, Loui ends up relatively unscathed.

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