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Worst Fears Realized

Loui Eriksson officially diagnosed with concussion, out indefinitely

Loui, Loui... Ooooh baby.... (quiet sobbing)
Loui, Loui... Ooooh baby.... (quiet sobbing)
Jared Wickerham

From the totally-not-a-surprise department, the Bruins have announced that Loui Eriksson suffered a concussion at the hands (wait, that's an insult to hands, he ain't got hands) face-punching elbows of John Scott. He flew back to Boston today, which is good. Look for Loui to be out for as long as he needs to be - the Bruins have learned their lesson about rushing guys back.

The NHL also announced that they will be suspending John Scott, and aren't allowing him to play between now and his in-person (required for suspensions longer than 5 games) hearing in NYC.

Oh, and Commissioner Bettman told Patrick Kaleta's suspension appeal to get fucked. Hooray!

Go Sox!