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Monday Morning Skate: Roughriders locked into Western semi-final game vs. BC Lions

Rob Carr

The Roughriders lost to Calgary over the weekend, locking them into a Semi-Final game on November 10 against the BC Lions. They will be the home team in that matchup. In between now and then, they have to play a pointless game against the Edmonton Eskimos. But, Saskatchewan Roughrider Geroy Simon can add a few more yards to his all-time record, and they can try not to get hurt.

Sox won in hilarious fashion. Don't worry if you missed it, so did millions of people watching on Fox who got a close up of a pretty girl in the crowd instead of the game-winning play. What a fucking embarrassment for Fox. It's not like they can blame this on a local affiliate going to commercial [don't click or watch] at the wrong time or anything, either. Ah well, that's what you get when the people broadcasting the game don't think people actually want to watch the game.

What's on tap, y'all?