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What We're Watching Oct 28th

No Bruins till Rivalry Night when the Bruins take on the Penguins.....which is a rivalry, I guess. For those of you not interested in finding out how Game 5 of the World Series will end (Uh you could anyway and still watch hockey, because hey baseball is kind of a slow sport in comparison) Here's what we'll be watching

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It's Monday.

Here are tonight's games:


Sarah Connors: HAhahahahaa Dallas vs Buffalo hahahahaha. I will probably watch that just for the drama.

Giesse: I'll go Dallas/BuffaLOL.

I'm hoping for a heaping helping of Sabres Schadenfreude with a bit of Peverley/Seguin/MacDermid relish on the side

Stephanie Vail : Dallas vs Buffalo so I can see Lane MacDermid fight all the human garbage that is the Sabres and Rich Peverley get a hat trick

Ian C McLaren: I'll be watching Stars vs Sabres because of Seguin and Peverley. Period.


ecozens: I'll be watching Pens-Canes, because I always love to see the return of J. Staal against his former team. Also, because I want to see if the Penguins break out of this perplexing losing streak, and what random person off the street the Hurricanes have tricked into playing goal tonight.

Birda: Birda will be watching the Flightless Birds and Supah Winds (Pens/Canes) because of Staal Army and Not-Khudobin. That is all.


Sean Hathaway: I'll be watching Montreal vs. New York. This is a game that makes me wish ties were still a thing; I hate both of these teams.



Non Hockey Viewing:

Cornelius Hardenbergh: I'll be watching Boston V St Louis in the world series, to be honest

Lilybraden:  I'm sucked in folks, I'll be watching baseball - I'm rooting for a parade on Boylston.  I'm all in.