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Thursday Morning Skate: NO SLEEPS 'TIL *guitars* BRUINS!

No, you tell them about recent roster changes.
No, you tell them about recent roster changes.
Eliot J. Schechter

Good morning, everyone. I have good news! It's time for a Bruins game. Not one of those preseason bullshit ones where half the roster is from Providence but an honest-to-goodness regular season hockey game. They kick it off tonight at the Gahden, where I'm sure we'll get a small ceremony or at least a mention of last year's Eastern Conference Champions. Or maybe not, who knows? It's sure to be a treat. Get there early if you're going.

In the meantime, we've got some staff prognostications and a podcast coming up today, so check back in. In the meantime, a lot of posts went up yesterday about Montreal, so check them out or the rest of the 29 Teams We Hateseries. You know, when you're all antsy at work because


Oh, by the way, Patrick Roy's coaching career is off to a great start!

It feels good to be able to ask this for the first time this season, for real: What's on tap, y'all?