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Public Skate: Bruins vs. Lightning, 7:00 ET. SEASON CONTEST.

Season 90, Game: 1


Happy hockey season, kids. If you were away from us this summer, welcome back to Chowdah.

Things are going to go a little different this year on public skates. The GIF Jennings is becoming the CHOWDER JENNINGS. There are three components:

1) GIF ASPECT. Every game we will post the "gif of the game" in the recap after the game ends. Bring your a-game, because people here are GOOD. Gif of the game will be worth TWO POINTS in the standings.

2) COMMENT OF THE GAME. The most recch'd comment each night will also be posted in the recap. Each comment of the game will be worth TWO POINTS in the standings.

3) TWEET OF THE GAME. Use the hashtag #chowdahskate. Again, one tweet per night will win tweet of the game. Tweets of the night will be worth ONE POINT in the standings to account for the fact that well not everyone has twitter.

At the end of the season, your points and your jennings partner's points will be added together. Best points total wins!