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Monday Morning Skate: Riders get back to Winning, trade for Pass Rusher Alex Hall

Tom Szczerbowski

Feels good to finally end a losing streak, as the Riders claw back into second in the West. After their 8-game winning streak start, the Rough Riders have gone 1-5. Kory Sheets returned to his starring role in the Saskatchewan attack, and BC was unable to answer.

The Riders then acquired Alex Hall, who leads the league in sacks (15). Hall should help turn up the heat on opposing quarterbacks as the Riders enter the last 4 weeks of the regular season. It will be a tough row to hoe to get to the top of the west, as the Stamps are 2 wins ahead and 4 games to go.

The Riders have assured themselves a playoff spot already, however, as 6 of 8 teams make the CFL playoffs.