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Is this warmups or a rave? Breaking down the Bruins' 2013 warmup tunes

Tom Dulat

I've always enjoyed keeping track of music in sports and movies. Walk-up music in baseball is super fun, and so is warm-up music in the NHL. The differences in music style from team to team and year to year - you likely won't hear songs like "State of Massachusetts" in, say, Nashville, nor will you hear ridiculous country in Boston - and the Bruins have taken an odd turn with theirs in the last year or so.

Gone are all the arena-rock selections - gone even are the few terribad rap songs from last season (in last year's playoffs they used Dropkick Murphys, 50 Cent, Kanye West, etc). So, ok. What are the Bruins using this year instead?

Song 1: Onerepublic Feat. Alesso - If I Lose Myself (Pump it Up Edit)

Okay, when the team came out to a not-Dropkicks song it was pretty great, but this seemed like a...not very pump-up-esque song

Song 2: Empire of the Sun - Alive (Zedd Remix)

Sticking with the rave theme, this song actually sounds super cool when blasted at the highest volume - or with all the bass weirdly echoing around a building with as much open space as the Garden. Where are my glowsticks.

Song 3. Showtek & Justin Prime - Cannonball (Original Mix)

Oh god I TAKE IT ALL BACK about the first two songs. This one doesn't even have words! It's just all noises and bass and I feel like I should be at Axis in 2003 with about 1000 other people and a lot of strobe lights.

Song 4. Martin Solveig & The Cataracs feat. Kyle - Hey Now

This song is fun. Like, too fun for serious-business hockey warmups, one would think. With lyrics like "Hey now, I haven't had a good laugh for a day now...." well, I guess the fact that it was played before the Bruins walloped the Red Wings in hilarious fashion is pretty appropriate. What do you think of the Bruins' shift in song-selection? Anyone planning on bringing glow-sticks to the next game?