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Friday MOrning Skate: #Movember is BACK!

Mark Thompson

Hello everyone. Those of you who have been around for a little while may remember last year, when I sold posts for donations to Movember. Movember is an important campaign that raises money to fight prostate cancer and do research on other men's health issues.

Well, it's that time again and we are open for fundraising. There's a fun new twist, however! This year, I'm not the only one who you can get to write a post or two for Movember. A few other folks on staff have agreed to pitch in and write articles as well. We are:

  • Sarah Connors
  • ecozens
  • Steph Vail
  • And of course, myself

However, if you want a thing written by a Chowder writer that isn't me (and I don't blame you, tbh) it'll cost a little extra. Last year's going rate of a $50 donation for a post by yours truly is still the case, but for $75, you can get a post written by one of these fine people. Remember: though many of the topics covered were intended to make my skin crawl when writing them (looking at you, Berkshire), you could just as easily buy a post about something you're interested in (like the article(s) on Senators/Bruins relations.)

We are now taking donations here:

So please give as you are able! The money goes to Movember, which again fights against prostate cancer and other men's health threats.

Pile on the Isle is tomorrow, get psyched!

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