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Recap: Steven Stamkos :( Bruins Win, 3-0

We won't know how bad it is until later, but regardless: best wishes to one of the best playing the game right now.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Fancy Stats vis Extra Skater.

The first period saw the B's come roaring (relatively speaking. for a matinee) out of the gate, just dominating the Lightning in basically every way. The post was precisely NO ONE'S friend, especially not Iggy's. The second started a bit slow for the B's, and then came the awfulness of Steven Stamkos sliding into the goal-post and in the process probably getting damaged in a not an insignificant way. Seriously, best wishes to that dude -- talk about one of the most exciting players to watch, and as many of you said in the gamethread, I think we all have a huge amount of respect for him after his return to game 7 of the ECF after suffering a broken face. Get well soon, dude.

(PS: not posting video/gif here. It's all over the intertubes, if you want to see it (again).)

The second was also notable for two goals courtesy of Bergeron and Paille only 20 seconds apart, which was cool and I enjoyed.

The third made me mostly sad that Iginla didn't get a goal in this game because dude worked hard for the money but THEN EMPTY NETTER so cool.

Mostly, I hope Steven Stamkos gets well in a speedy way :(

The Good:

-The first period really was excellent, possession wise.

-Tuukka was stellar, again. Shutout city, baby, and has a crazy crazy good unsustainable save %.

-I though Marchand looked great today. All kinds of speedy swagger, a shorthanded chance, crazy good possession stats. Get it, Marchy.

The Bad:

-The Bruins didn't dominate after the first, and Tampa definitely turned the tables on Boston, in terms of possession (take a look at that Fenwick chart to see what I mean), but that can be at least partially attributed to score effects.

-Stamkos. Fuck.

All in all, solid game by the Bruins, against the #1 team in the East. The B's are now only one point back.