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Another One Bites The Dust: #FlorthEast Coaching Purge Continues in Buffalo

A gift, from Milan, to you (uh huh) (all right)

Darcy Regier is no longer GM of the Buffalo Sabres. Ron Rolston is no longer the coach.

Pat Lafontaine (FO experience: coaching a youth team on long island the last 4-5 years) is now President of Hockey Operations, and Ted Nolan is Interim Coach.

They don't have a GM. Buffalooooooo!

Congratulations to all of the long-suffering Buffalo fans. Your team might not get better, but you're at least going to be able to curse a new name. I'm sure everyone will be lining up to thank Milan Lucic for his part in all of this. Not so fast, Ryan Miller. Unfortunately for Buffalo, it is still Buffalo and still has all of those things Servo mentioned going against it.

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