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Thursday MOrning Skate: Welcome Back Horton

Christopher Pasatieri

First of all, go check out the My Hort Will Go On video, it's incredible. Did you do that? Okay, we can reconvene.

Tonight is the first visit to the Gahden by the Columbus Blue Jackets this year. They signed Nathan Horton in the offseason, leading to what I believe was the first set of bleeps in Behind The B. I'm pretty sure he's still recovering from surgery, but he could probably still travel with the team and get himself a standing ovation like Thomas did. Skinny tie and all. We'll see whether that happens but if so I'll be cheering.

Anyways, today is a great day to become a donor to Movember. Remember, $50 gets you a post on whatever you want written by Steph, Sarah, Erin, theactivestick, or me. If you'd prefer another writer, we might be able to work something out. Give early, give often:

What's on tap, y'all?