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Introducing: Hockey Therapy

Let's tweet our hockey feelings.

Bruce Bennett

Confession: I have hockey feelings.

Lots of them.

Lately, many of them have been about Tyler Seguin, much to the chagrin of several Twitter followers, friends, family members, anyone on the street with ears to hear, and, well, myself.

The thing is, there's no real place to share these feelings, to have them heard and affirmed by others and without being told to let it go because faceoff percentage and Bruins system and lifestyle problems and black and gold koolaid, etc.

This is where the idea of hockey therapy comes in.

Chowder's own Erin Cozens coined the phrase, I believe, in the midst of a Twitter exchange about the dearly departed Seguin. In that conversation, it was noted that sometimes it's just good to talk about things, even if there's nothing we can do to change them. (It is what it is, it is what it is ...)

Along those lines, I created a simple Twitter account, @hockeytherapy, and here's the idea behind it.

Say you're feeling bad about something to do with your favorite hockey team or player, grieving a trade or free agent signing or disagreeing with a team / coaching philosophy. Or hell, maybe you haven't taken the time to process Game 6 yet.

Air your feelings to @hockeytherapy, receive the benefit of letting it all out, and maybe even have them affirmed by others who are having similar feelings. You can also do it so that not all your followers are exposed to your rants feelings, unless they also follow the account (which everyone eventually will, right? so ... oh well.)

Here's an example.

Ahhhh, feeling better already!

So here's what you need to do: follow the account, and start getting in tune with your hockeymotions.

And hey, this isn't just a Bruins thing. Goodness knows there are fans out there with different hockey hurts. *cough it was four one cough*

Oh, and I'll probably RT the best most of them because that'll be fun.