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FOR CHARITY: Spogo is hosting a pub crawl sunday

Do me right, Bro
Do me right, Bro
Bruce Bennett

Editor's Note: This post was purchased by the fine folks at Spogo for a donation to Movember. Feel free to disagree in the comments instead of starting a torch and pitchfork mob. Or go to their bar crawl and complain, I guess. You can buy one of your own at my Movember Page. It's a great cause!

Recently I downloaded the Spogo app and have been using it for about a week, off and on. It lets you bet points on various sports games (and prop bets in those games) and then use the points you win (you did win, right?) at various sports bars around boston to redeem all sorts of things.

So, for example, in the Bruins/Rangers tilt tonight, the prop bets are (with my wagers):

  • Does Lucic score his 10th goal of the season, and if so what period? (put 100 points on 3rd/OT)
  • Does "NYR goon Derek Dorsett" have more or less than 3.5 PIMs tonight? (put 100 points on over 3.5)
  • How many goals do the Bruins give up tonight: 0,1,2,3+? (put 10 points on 1)
  • Who wins? (100 points on Boston, obviously)

Then those points can be claimed at participating bars. I'm not a huge fan of most of the bars they have by the Garden, but Porters is the best of the four in the immediate area. If any of those bets pays off I'll have to stop by to redeem 100 of them for A Surly Stare. Or maybe I'll spend 350 points on cutting the line at the Harp. Unfortunately, "dignity" wasn't a reward there, or at Greatest Bar or Hurricane O'Reillys. You'd think it would be, considering how many people lose theirs there. Ah well. (If you do well enough and get thousands of points you can start redeeming them for free apps and hats and shirts and so on)

Spogo is sponsoring a bar crawl this sunday before the Pats game, as well. I'll be too busy fighting for my right to watch the Grey Cup to attend, but it looks like it could be quite fun with the drinking and betting and so on.

Again, thanks to Spogo for donating to Movember. It helps a great cause (fighting cancer) and leads me to write silly posts like this one.