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Switzerland's Sochi jerseys leak

Through a contest on Swiss Ice Hockey Federation's website, Switzerland's jerseys for Sochi have been revealed.

The jerseys Mark Streit and Co. will wear in Sochi have been revealed...kind of.
The jerseys Mark Streit and Co. will wear in Sochi have been revealed...kind of.
Christopher Pasatieri

In ranking the Sochi Olympic jerseys a couple of weeks back, it was noted that a few countries hadn't revealed their gear yet. Switzerland was among those nations whose jerseys remained secret, but the Swiss lifted the curtain on Thursday.

In a video on the Swiss Ice Hockey website (ripped and posted on YouTube by SwissHabs), Switzerland's jerseys are revealed bit by bit, and they are beauties.

The video is part of a contest encouraging viewers to enter to win a game-worn autographed Swiss jersey. It features two Swiss players, a goalie and a skater, facing off in a shootout. We never see the end, and that's the point: viewers are supposed to email Swiss Ice Hockey with their vote ("goal" or "no goal").

Below are screenshots from the video, along with loose translations:




The shooter is Denis Hollenstein, a 24-year-old winger who plays in Switzerland's National League A. The goalie is Florence Schelling, a 24-year-old former Northeastern Husky who is the only woman to ever play in Switzerland's National League B.

Like Russia's unveiling, it can be assumed that the men's and women's teams will be wearing the same jerseys.

Here are the red jerseys, modeled by Hollenstein:






And here are the white jerseys, worn by Schelling:






Overall, the jerseys are awesome. They have the same fake laces as the others (sigh), but appear to have kept the extras to a minimum. I think they're the best overall pair we've seen yet.

Taking what I saw in the video, here are mock-ups of the two jerseys:



What do you think?