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Friday MOrning Skate: Pondering Life's Great Mysteries

Jared Wickerham

Last night's game was awesome and whining about the shootout because we lost is silly at best. But there some things about it that make you think about life's great mysteries. As I made my way home, I had to winder about that and a few others. For example:

What is the purpose of putting not-100% Chris Kelly out for the shootout? Is it a protest against the whole affair? Did Carl Soderberg really play that poorly? I know Claude is fond of keeping Marchand off the ice this year, is that why he didn't go? Hell, Chara would probably have gotten a shot off. Why is...that thing?

In a quick non-hockey aside, why do people stand in the doorway of a subway car when half the car is getting out? I'm actually genuinely curious about whether there's a good reason for that one.

Just a few questions I had coming out of the game last night. What's on tap, y'all?

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