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Tuukka Rask vs. the Shootout: A documented history of anger and hatred

It's no secret that Tuukka Rask hates shootouts. Let's take a look at just how deep his rage runs.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tuukka Rask has an all time record of 78-50-18. Of those 18 loser-point losses, exactly half have come as the result of a shootout loss. He's had fits of anger after three of those losses.

Basically: when the Bruins lose in the shootout, there is a 33% chance that Rask will flip his lid, swear a lot, and at least redeem a little bit of entertainment value out of the stupid skills competition. Let's examine these freakouts in a little more depth.

Freak out 1: 2013/11/21, vs. STL: 3-2 loss

After allowing an incredibly soft goal in the first period, Rask made some big saves but was defeated in the skills competition by Alex Steen.


He's really mad.

Freak out 2: 2013/3/27, vs. MTL: 6-5 loss

This one stung. The Bruins had a sizable lead over the Canadiens, who stormed back to tie it in the third period. Rask allowed an uncharacteristic five goals in regulation. And Brendan Gallagher put the nail in the coffin in the sixth round of the shootout.


And still, the stick won't break. Poor guy.

Freak out 3: 2011/11/25, vs. DET: 2-1 loss

This one also stung, but for a different reason: the Bruins were on an unprecedented streak of wins, finally broken at the Garden on Black Friday. Rask stood strong against a very good Red Wings squad, only allowing one goal - but yet again the shootout was this team's worst enemy, snapping the streak of wins. Goddamn skills competition.

No video because it was an NBC game, sadly, but we do have documentation of this freakout:

Poor Rask. His hate for the shootout is totally justified.


AHL Freak out: 2009/3/30, vs. ALB: 1-0 loss

Rask had a 65 minute shutout, Martin St. Pierre scored for the Baby B's in the shootout, and two really questionable Albany goals lead to some flying milkcrates.

This hatred goes back a long way.