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Public Skate - Boston Bruins vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Bruins vs. Canes, Johnson vs. Ward, Matinee Hockey on a Saturday afternoon!

Hope everyone's enjoying their Saturday afternoon. The Bruins, first by a point and a game in the Atlantic, are taking on the Carolina Hurricanes, currently sitting in a tie fifth in the Metro division with Philadelphia(!). It's matinee Hockey from TD Garden so get pumped for some Staal-haating and hopefully a bounceback performance after Thursday's tightly contested shootout loss against the St. Louis Blues.

Everyone pumped? I know I am! Why not? CJ's net in net today! That's exciting! The teams are on the ice as we speak! The ice is looks great! Komisarek's on the other team (though he probably won't play)! The fans are rocking to terrible music!

Bruins-Canes. Mups will be lit.