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MOnday MOrning Skate: 2013 Grey Cup Champion Saskatchewan Roughriders

QB Darien Durant drinks from the cup!
QB Darien Durant drinks from the cup!

Yes, it's true. For the 4th time in their illustrious 101-year history, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are Grey Cup champions again. Hard luck for Andy Fantuz, who was on two Roughrider teams that got to the Grey Cup but couldn't get the championship a few years ago. Great timing for Geroy Simon, though, who not only holds the record for most CFL receiving yards of all time, but caught his first and second Grey Cup TDs last night. It was bitter cold, but not cold enough to keep the crazy fools out of Mosaic Stadium to watch their team win.

And the Roughriders didn't just win. They won with style. They dominated. You knew it was going to be a weird one when Durant was stripped for a fumble, only to have the ball go directly to Kory Sheets who then ran it for 40ish yards.

Another odd situation was when the Ti-Cats offense couldn't talk to each other (due to crowd noise) and the center snapped the ball right past the quarterback. Saskatchewan recovered, but I believe they fumbled two plays later to give the ball back. It was COLD and there were fumbles everywhere.

And then there were the TSN commentators, who insisted on calling Geroy Simon "Superman" whenever he touched the ball. What can I say? It was a weird night. Here's your scoresheet:

Team 1 2 3 4 - F
Hamilton 3 3 7 10 23
Saskatchewan 7 24 0 14 45

Final Score: Saskatchewan Roughriders 45, Hamilton Tiger-Cats 23.

Individual Awards:

  • Most Valuable Player: Kory Sheets (Grey Cup record 197 yards on the ground, longest of 39, 2 TDs)
  • Most Valuable Canadian: Chris Getzlaf (Ryan Getzlaf's Brother!) (78 yards receiving, long of 38, 0 TDs)

Further Game Stats can be found here. You can also see highlights on the website here. I'd embed it, but I don't think they have that technology in Canada yet.