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Bruins moments and the USA Today awards

The Bruins are up for some awards on USA Today.

Jared Wickerham

USA Today's 2013 Year In Sports awards are happening, and hey what do you know - the Bruins are involved in four categories! Let's take a look and talk about why the Bruins obviously need to win all these categories.

1. The best game of 2013 - Bruins vs. Leafs Game 7

Come on. What even are some of these other options? Bruins-Leafs game 7 is an iconic part of Bruins - and really NHL - history now. It was 4-1, you guys, it was 4-1 with less than half a period to go and this team rampaged back to take the win in OT. They dangled hope in front of the Maple Leafs for 50 whole minutes, then snatched it away faster than you can say "Saint Patrice." And for those reasons, it really should win game of the year.

2. Photo of the year - Bruins/Leafs Game 7 OT Winner

The joy on their faces. The defeat of Reimer. It literally looks like they've slain the beast and are now dancing about it. Hilarious. Effective. And weirdly reflective of another, more devastating photo of police officers at the marathon - a weird photo representation of how sports can lift a city in pain. (Although that Usain Bolt photo is pretty Bruins anyways, come on.)

3, Most Emotional Moment - Bruins anthem vs. Sabres, first game post-bombing

I can't even click on this video because it makes me cry. It makes my chest tighten just thinking about it, thinking about all the weird conflicting emotions that night. Above all else it made me proud to be from where I'm from, and I think that's pretty important. I honestly don't think I've ever gotten quite that emotional at a sporting event, ever. (How the hell do "mariano tributes" even rank on this list? Fuck that guy.)

4. Best Facial Hair - the Jagr

Stanley Cup Finals Jagrbeard was an epic, epic thing. Although it's going up against the Red Sox beards, Jagr deserves a few votes of his own, because the wolverine look was EPIC.

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