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Bruins vs. Flames Recap: Huge third period and a 2-1 win on Iginla Night

Derek Leung

Extra Skater Stats

It took the Bruins 40 minutes to get going - they only had nine shots on goal through two periods, to the Flames' 22 - but they figured it out, putting up 18 in the third and two goals to take this one home. Jarome Iginla, Flames legend, made his return to the arena where he made his name in the NHL, the emotions were high, and it was just really good to watch a game in that building from start to finish, despite the struggle of a start.

After the game, Iginla was called back out as a star of the game, and he ended up skating around for a few minutes - and the Bruins, his teammates, refused to let him come off the ice for a good while. It's meaningful antics like this that make that win extra worth it.

On to Edmonton, and a reunion with a certain Captain Planet....

The Good:

- The Iginla tribute. Watch it, appreciate it. It's like Ray Bourque all over again. It could be Bergeron someday (god please no.)

- Reilly Smith very well may be the most underrated player in the NHL right now. His net drive on that goal was an awesome thing.

- While the first two periods were forgettable, the amount of zone time the Bruins sustained in the third was nothing short of everything we usually expect out of the Bruins on a brilliant night - and they came through. Nine shots on goal through two periods turned into 27 total by the end, while the Flames only managed two SOG after 40 minutes.

- The line changes in the third period were brilliant as well; Smith-Spooner-Soderberg needs to continue being a thing when guys get healthy again.

The Bad:

- Tuukka Rask let in a softie, which wasn't helped by the fact that the Bruins couldn't find their way out of a paper bag for the first two periods.

The Interesting:

- This was obviously Jarome Iginla's first game back in Calgary; they named him the star of the game.

Notable Moments:



Tweet of the Night: