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Bruins vs Oilers Recap: Second periods will be the death of us. Bruins win 4-2

Derek Leung

Extra Skater Stats

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times: it was the Bruins' LAST forty minutes tonight. It was like the game against the Flames on Thursday: 20 minutes of effort - only, a different 20 minutes this time. The Bruins went up by 3 early, with some inspired play by Brad Marchand on the shorthanded goal, hard work down low by the David Krejci line, and a flukey, hilarious goal from Dennis Seidenberg. German engineering; nothing beats it.

Devan Dubnyk got the hook after the first period, and Jason LaBarbara turned away everything the Bruins could fire on him - which amounted to 12 shots through 40 minutes. Compared to 18 on Dubnyk in the first 20....that's...not good.

David Perron made things scary in the second period with two goals; as NEHJ's Jesse Spector pointed out, that's the first pair of goals scored by one Oiler on the Bruins in the same game since Fernando Pisani did it against Hannu Toivonen in 2005. Which is an excuse to post this video:

The Good:

- Two goals for Jarome Iginla tonight. HE IS ON FIRE

- We all yelled at Chad Johnson all night but he actually had a career-high 39 saves, so...good for you Chad, you go Chad. Although it's still terrifying when he can't get post-to-post very quickly, which happened a bunch of times tonight.

- That first period. Very good. Very good all around.

The Bad:

- Can this flu bug go away please?

- Getting hemmed in on the PK was rough to watch. Gregory Campbell and Jordan Caron doing things together, are you kidding me Claude?

- For that matter, the fact that the Campbell line had more ice time than the Spooner line. Why, Claude. Why for are you doing this.

- Seriously though that second period was a pile of hot garbage.

The Interesting:

- Tonight marked Iginla's 90th career game vs. the Oilers and his first as a non-flame. He has 36-48=84 totals against them in that time.

Notable Moments:

Dennis Seidenberg with the goal of the year:


Shorties for days.


Tweet of the Night: