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Canuckle Sandwich

So that went well.

Derek Leung

The Canucks will be raising the banner for this victory sometime next week, and they earned it with a 6-2 victory Saturday night.

This was a weird kind of game, and yet completely unsurprising. The injuries and flu we're going to catch up to them eventually and it did tonight, in a huge way.

That being said, what made this game strange is that, from a possession standpoint, the Bruins were in control of that game from start to finish. They ended the night with a 63.4% CF at even strength and a 58.2% FF while the game was still "close."

Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, Reilly Smith, and Johnny Boychuk were all above 80% in CF with Bergeron logging a ridiculous 88.2% in a blowout game. While we're here, Smith, the Texas import THAT I ALL TOLD YOU ABOUT, has seven points in his last five games. He's benefitted mightily from some time on Bergeron's wing.

If blame is going to be attributed it's going to have to be on Tuukka Rask, who was pulled for the first time in almost a year after giving up four goals on 23 shots. Apparently seven million dollars a year buys you a top-five goaltender who's so good you forget he's capable of a terrible game once in a while. Rask has been one of the many Bruins fighting the flu this week so if you want to blame it on something, well it's sitting there for you if you'd like.

All that said, this is much like the Habs loss to the Kings last week. Playing the puck well and deserving a better fate and just not getting it. And since we all got to make fun of Berkshire for that one we're going to have to take the lumps as well.

Whatever. Kiss the ring, nerds.

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