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Kevin from Home Alone reacts to Iginla's hand injury

Nothing says the holidays like Kevin McCallister. Here he is giving the "woof" treatment to Jarome Iginla's weird-looking hand.

Derek Leung

By now we've all seen the footage.

During Saturday's game between the Bruins and the Canucks, Ryan Kesler challenged Jarome Iginla to a fight after a hard but seemingly innocuous hit.

Immediately following the tilt, Iginla skated off to the locker room, the victim of an apparent hand injury.

Minutes later, dafoomie tweeted out a photo of Iginla's hand post-fight, which drew a collective cringe.

It seems as though the image found its way to suburban Chicago, where young Kevin McCallister's older brother Buzz had quickly printed off and framed it.

The reaction has been captured here in all its Home Alone glory.


Dang, I'll never get tired of playing around with woofmaker, which was first brought to my attention on the Twitter machine via Jeff Israel. Major stick tap there.