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Fresh Links: Wound Licking Edition

Patches punted Destroychuk, who landed in the hospital for observation. Then it got worse.

ugh why
ugh why
Richard Wolowicz

The Bruins dropped the game and the Atlantic Division lead to the Montreal Canadiens last night.

  • Fortunately, Johnny Boychuk was cleared to travel home with the team. The second period was forgettable for the Bruins, and costly. The Brad Marchand, Patrice Bergeron, and Loui Eriksson line struggled, producing zero shots. [TheBostonGlobe]
  • So the Canadiens are now atop the Atlantic Division, but the Bruins have games in hand. [WEEI]
  • The Bruins lost Boychuk in the first period, the 2 minute boarding penalty Max Pacioretty received as a result seemed appropriate to Claude Julien. [ESPN]
  • It was a forty-minute effort, the Bruins dominated only the first and third periods. Gregory Campbell scored on a pass from Milan Lucic after a soccer kick by Dennis Seidenberg advanced the puck. A subpar second period cost the Bruins the lead in the Atlantic Division. [BostonHerald]
  • The challenging season continues for the Bruins defensive corps, covering for another injury, and also having to again step up very early in a game. [WEEI]
  • Take five… observations. [SouthCoastToday]

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • A case for acknowledging the importance of zone entry. [Grantland]
  • TSN is NOT going to roll over and play dead, and has re-signed James Duthie, Bob McKenzie, and Darren Dreger. [O.Canada]
  • Have fun along with the Olympians singing this NBC Sochi promo! Was that David Backes? Did I see Amanda Kessel? (Video, 2:32) [YouTube]
  • Real Bruins fans need to call out so-called Bruins fans for making racist remarks about P.K. Subban (or anyone.) Don’t be silent, or you let them speak for you. (*Warning for explicit language.*) [LastWordOnSports]
  • Sometimes in the NHL, the fighting is simply personal, not for any higher purpose. [BackhandShelf]