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Grand Theft Czechoslovakia. Bruins win 3-2

Timely goals from David Krejci and Zdeno Chara at the tail end of the third period gave the Bruins a big win in Boston tonight.

Jared Wickerham

Extra Skater Stats

What an ugly game. Between the awful hits in the first period, the lack of effort in the second period, and the mess of a third period until Tuukka Rask was pulled with over a minute to go - everything about this game, barring maybe Rask's play, was garbage.

The Good:

- MAGICALLY, Marc-Andre Fleury reverted to his usual terrible self with two minutes to go, and the Bruins put two on him in a minute and 17 seconds.

- Reilly Smith has continued to quietly rack up a nice little set of points. Tonight's goal was his 6th of the season, three of which came in his last eight games.

- Come from behind wins are always fun.

- Tuukka Rask's save on Sidney Crosby with under two to go was a thing of actual beauty.

The Bad:

- Can I cop out and just point to this article? No? Fine. Aside from Brooks Orpik being an idiot, James Neal being a bigger idiot and Shawn Thornton being the idiot king tonight, the Bruins had terrible possession time and only managed 21 shots on goal. They were dominated by the Penguins for most of the game.

- Chris Kelly and Loui Eriksson are both injured and won't travel. The M*A*S*H unit is back.

- Shawn Thornton won't be travelling either because he's going to get suspended for a very long time.

The Interesting:

- The Bruins scored on Fleury in their first shot of the game, which means he had a save percentage of 0.00% for at least a minute tonight which is the best thing ever. FLEURY FOR SOCHI.

Notable Moments:

Krejci goal, ties the game at 2!

Chara go-ahead goal, wins the game!

Reilly Smith Nightmare Fuel Dot Gif

Tweet of the Night:

Poor penguins fan.

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