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Tuesday Morning Skate: The Rescheduling Sweet Spot for Lightning/Bruins Makeup Game

Sweet like a backdoor tap-in? Perhaps.
Sweet like a backdoor tap-in? Perhaps.

I wrote this post yesterday before they announced the date for this game, but figured y'all would prefer this to another "good morning what's on tap ok bye" morning skate driveby. Enjoy.

Here's why they had to reschedule for that date: I took a quick look at the Bruins, Lightning, and TD Garden Schedules, and here are the open dates:


The 25th - Bruins play away at Florida the day before at 3pm, then on the Isle the following day at 7:30. Lightning play in Pittsburgh day before and at home the following day. Unlikely.


The 6th - Bruins play at Washington the night before, and home versus Toronto the following day. Lightning have games the two days before and the day after. Nobody wants 4 games in 4 days. Unlikely.


The 1st - Bruins play in Buffalo the night before, then host the Senators the next night. Lightning have 2 days off before, host Florida the night after. Still pretty unlikely.

The 20th - Bruins have home games day before and after. Lightning have off day before, and it would be fifth road game in a row. Unlikely.

The 22nd - Bruins play night before at home, then night after in Philly. Lightning have game the night before but day off following. Still doubt Bruins play 3 in 3 days.

The Sweet Spot

The 25th and 26th. - The season is supposed to end on April 27th, and both teams have games scheduled that day. I assume the league would prefer to have the season wrap up on time, as the Playoffs are already starting 2 weeks late. If we assume they don't want any team to play three nights in a row, this is where the games will be. Check out the schedule: (Black is Bruins away games and Blue is Lightning home games. Bruins don't play at home and Lightning don't play away in this 5-day period. The Gahden is free, as well. This is the time, right here:

Otherwise, they play after the Regular Season is over. Which I suppose is possible but who doesn't want a little Thursday Night home game action?

So yeah, that's where I think they'll have the make-up game.