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Thursday MOurning Skate: Ladies...Why You Should Date Erik

For Charity

Sooooo dreamy!!!
Sooooo dreamy!!!
@KomisErik and you!

Editor's Note: This post was purchased by @KomisErik for a donation to Movember. Feel free to disagree in the comments instead of starting a torch and pitchfork mob. Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

Erik is a saint. Erik needs a girlfriend. As Stanley Cup of Chowder is lucky enough to have a diverse crowd of fans, some of you may be looking for a boyfriend. And boy, do I have an offer for you. Erik is an ideal boyfriend.

Truly Committed

Erik is a Leafs fan. That's right. He keeps himself up at night wondering what could have been when he sees Rask, Seguin, Dougie, 2011 Stanley Cup Champion Tomas Kaberle, etc. We all have our flaws. But remember The Active Stick Theory of Leaf Fans: they will make the best partners, because they can truly commit to something despite all of its flaws. Or someone. Or love Phil Kessel. It's tough,, you know, being a Leafs fan. Erik's a saint, basically.

World Traveler

Erik has been around the world. He's been to all sorts of mountains and I think he went skydiving one time. He's been to Europe, he's been to the Caribbean, he's been damn near everywhere. Travel like that requires some amount of desire to understand new cultures and have new experiences. Variety is the spice of life and Erik is has a full pantry.

Loves a good ballgame

Erik is a sports fan, just like almost everyone on the site. If your idea of a great date involves a ballpark (but not an ice rink, have you SEEN the prices at the ACC?) then Erik is your guy. A blue jays fan, Erik knows the most important thing about baseball: Fuck the Yankees. As a blue jays fan, Erik is used to disappointment. The bar is low. Erik's basically a saint.

So there you go,Erik's a saint. Make him your Valentine today!