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Monday Morning Skate: Happy Birthday Andrew Berkshire

flickr's thesugarbabes

To: Andrew Berkshire

From: Cornelius Hardenbergh

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I hope you're enjoying it. I got you a cake, old man! I will try not to bring up that this gets you one step closer to the grave, or one step further from Hockey Canada's hegemony, or ever closer to 30 years without a habs cup.

I also figured you'd appreciate the habs being listed as first in the divison for a day as well. Of course, the Bruins took it back and have games in hand. So cherish the memories. Just like I do when I wish 4 habs fans would come back. HEotP will have to do I guess.

Happy Birthday!

For the good people of America, hope you're all having a great President's Day!