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#treesforgoals Update Through 2/18

Ference hasn't scored a goal yet, despite this we are up to 678 trees through 13 games!


Just like last time, I'm only tracking this stuff for the fun of keeping updated and the occasional tweet as well!

The stats need to be trackable on in order to be included in this roll up.

People are having fun with it and making all kinds of fun pledges! Be creative and have fun!

Through Feb 18 we are at 678 trees!

Ference is on the hook for 150 trees for Seguins goals so far.

He wants to plant trees, he told us so on the twitter machine:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-cards="hidden"><p>I had a dream of @<a href="">cupofchowdah</a> planting some trees too… <a href="" title="">…</a></p>&mdash; Andrew Ference (@Ferknuckle) <a href="">February 9, 2013</a></blockquote>

<script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

The NHL is also on board for 50 trees per NHL Hat Trick.

As Claude would want it the team stats lead with 143 trees so far, and because Patrice is PERFECT he's leading the team despite a slow start with 77 trees!

Really planting trees is all the rage!

How can you pledge? Good question, go here or feel free to tweet me @lilybraden and I'll add to to our list

But how can you pay actual money for your pledge? Another good question, go here to help plant trees and save the environment.

If you don't see your trackable pledge here, just let me know and I'll add you to the spreadsheet (again please make it trackable and if it's date specific, please let me know)

As always thank you for your pledges and thank you for your donations.

As of today: We are at $191.00 donated

These fancy tree stats do not include what you might have donated - just your pledges season to date!

@beckyc0821 = 10 trees (Chara Goals)

Andrew Berkshire = 10 trees (PK Subban Goals Against Bruins)

Black Bird = 24 trees (Team wins/Ference Assists) *assists based on Ference not hitting 4 goals

Bobbyorrfan1972 = 15 trees (Lucic Goals)

Cornelius Hardenbergh = 108 trees (Goals Assists Fighting Majors by Captains and Alternate Captains) as well as Boston goals vs. MTL and Boston wins against MTL

CTFB = 6 trees (John Scott Ice time 1/31 & MTL goals against Bos)

Dangles McDonnybrook = 20 trees (Regular Season Fighting Major)

Derek Jackson = 22 trees (Peverley/Kelly/Bourque Points & Peverely Goal vs Buffalo 2/15)

dwrett = 15 trees (Thornton Fighting Majors)

Ecozens = 18 trees (Marchand, Bergeron & Hamilton Points since 2/10)

Geoff Toff = 6 trees (Boarding Penalties)

Giesse = 50 trees (Shutouts)

j0hnnymac = 10 trees (Krejci goals and Lucic ENG vs Buffalo 2/10)

jflocrna = 30 trees (Bergeron, Bourque & Hamilton Goals)

Johnny Appleseed (Seidenberg Blocked Shots)

Kd3 = 8 trees (Horton Goals)

Lilybraden = 27 trees (Bergeron Goals & Hamilton's 1st Goal)

Logerrhoea = 4 trees (Defenseman Goals)

Losted125 = 30 trees (Thornton Fighting Majors/Team Fighting Majors while Thornton was out)

Melissa Madeline = 20 trees (McQuaid Fighting Major/Boychuk Goals)

Miss Muse = 16 trees (Hamilton Points/Boston Goals vs MTL)

Mybruinsoface = 28 trees (Peverley Goals/Assists, Rask Shutout. MacDermid Fighting Majors)

phonymahoney = 40 trees (Khudobin Wins/PPG)

Phunwin = 40 trees (Marchand Goals)

Rdyefrde = 9 trees (Bergeron Points)

Sarahconnors = 9 trees (Bruins Wins)

SkateHitShoot = 1 tree (Merlot Line Points & +/-)

Smith624 = 12 trees (Bruins Wins/Ference Assists)

Theactivestick = 3 trees (Goals scored in MTL/BOS Games)

TimRich88 = 9 trees (Boychuk Goals/Assists)

TomServo42 = 10 trees (Bergeron Goals)

twgip = 40 trees (Marchand Goals)