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Tuesday Morning Skate: Assigned for Conditioning

Sobotka levels Thornton. Heh, still funny.

Okay, folks. Here's the deal. I'm not going to single any of you out but I think we all know we can all work on our gamethread game. So you're getting a little bit of homework while the Bruins are off until Thursday. You're all being sent en masse on conditioning stints to other blogs. It's not a punishment, but we can't afford to get rusty in a shortened season.

There's a game on NBC Sports the next two days:

Tonight, the Sharks play the Blues (if they ever make it out of Vancouver) and so you're all tasked with joining up on St. Louis Game Time and participating in the thread. They have Vladimir Sobotka, it shouldn't be hard to get in the mood.

Wednesday, the Flyers play the Penguins. I want those of you that aren't banned there to go into their gamethreads and participate. Both teams have killed good players of ours in the not too distant past but the Penguins still have Matt Cooke so make your own rooting decisions. Go join Broad Street Hockey right now because I believe they have a day-long wait time between joining and posting.

In fact, if you're not already signed up to the other NHL blogs, it's a good idea to just sign up for all of them now in case you need to post over there.

Again, both of those games are on NBC Sports. Of course, if you've got center ice or aren't in the boston area, you can rock another game.