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Wednesday Morning Skate: 3 games in hand

Marianne Helm

That's right, the Bruins have 3 games in hand on Montreal, and 4 on the rest of the division. In fact, the Bruins have at least 1 game in hand on every team in the league. They're also in 7th in league standings, going just by points totals. What I'm saying is that while Montreal is currently sitting on top of the division, I don't expect that to remain the case for the whole season. Especially if Therrien keeps sitting Subban on the bench. Heh. We told you to sign in Boston, PK. We told you.

I spent most of yesterday sleeping but I think that puts me in good company, considering a third of the team missed practice with the flu. That's probably a precautionary move, and a luxury they can afford during this ridiculous amount of downtime.

Anyways, what's on tap Chowder?