#treesforgoals Update Through 2/3


Just to reiterate: I'm only tracking for the fun of keeping updated on #treesforgoals! I do occasionally tweet about it it in game @lilybraden.

I'm only tracking trackable stats on that were pledged in #treesforgoals needs organization! thread. Also if you weren't regular/playoff specific - I just have you down for regular season.

Through Feb 2 game vs. Toronto there are 330 trees pledged!

Ference is on the hook for 50 trees for Seguin's goal this week!

The NHL is on the hook for 350 trees for 7 hat tricks this week (though we wish it was 5!)

Have some fun with it! For example last night we had three pledges for 25 trees for any Seguin or Hamilton Goals (Thank You Kessel Goals!) it didn't pan out - but if you want to make a one time pledge - just tweet me or go to the #treesforgoals needs organization! thread as I check it frequently!

To Donate go HERE!

Currently at $50.00 donated

Here's a roll up of where we are by user pledge

@beckyc0821 = 10 trees (Chara Goals)

Black Bird = 11 trees (Team wins/Ference Assists) *assists based on Ference not hitting 4 Goals

Bobbyorrfan1972 = 10 trees (Lucic Goals)

Cornelius Hardenbergh = 60 trees (Goals, Assists, Fighting Majors by Captains and Alternate Captains) *updated to reflect Kelly/Ference split A's)

CTFB = 5 trees (John Scott Ice Time 4.28 *min five trees)

Dangles McDonnybrook = 16 trees (Fighting Majors)

Derek Jackson = 5 trees (Points for Peverley/Kelly/Bourque)

Dwrett = 15 trees (Thornton Fighting Majors)

Geoff Toff = 6 trees (Bruins Boarding Majors)

J0hhnymac = 4 trees (Krejci Goals)

jflocrn = 10 trees (Bourque Goal)

Kd3 = 6 trees (Horton Goals)

Lilybraden = 1 tree (Bergeron Goal)

Logerrhoea = 3 trees (Boychuck/Chara goals)

Losted125 = 30 trees (Thornton Fights along with Team fights while Thornton is injured)

Melissa Madeline = 20 trees (McQuaid Fighting Major/Boychuck Goals)

Miss Muse = 4 trees (Hamilton Points)

Mybruinsoface = 22 trees (Peverley Goals/Assists, Rask Shutout, MacDermid Fighting Majors)

Phoneymahoney = 20 trees (Khudobin win, PPGs) *Seguins ENG is showing as a PPG - who knew?

Phunwin = 25 trees (Marchand Goals)

rdyfrde = 5 trees (Bergeron Points)

SarahConnors = 6 trees (Team Wins)

SkateHitShoot = 2 trees (Merlot Line points & +/-)

Smith0624 = 7 trees (Team Wins, Ference Assists)

TimRich88 = 7 trees (Boychuk Goals & Assists)

TomServo 42 = 5 trees (Bergeron Goals)

Twigip = 25 trees (Marchand Goals)

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