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Ten Questions With Eyes on the Prize's theactivestick

In anticipation of tomorrow night's long overdue match up with the Bruins' true rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, I sent some serious and not so serious questions to our friend over at Habs Eyes on the Prize: theactivestick.

Bruce Bennett

For those of you that don't know theactivestick, I feel sorry for you. She's awesome! In fact too awesome to be a Habs fan. I'm considering #offersheettheactivestick. I sent her some serious and some not so serious questions about the Hated Habs. She sent me some questions which Habs Eyes on the Prize has posted here!

1. What surprises you most about the Habs start?
Honestly, that they're winning at all, but their possession numbers so far have been pretty impressive. I think last season left us with very little hope, but Michel Therrien seems to be getting some great work out of these guys so far.

2. Can you tell me if the Canadiens are still celebrating their 100th anniversary?
No, but I CAN tell you that the 24 Stanley Cup banners haven't gone anywhere.

3. Which offseason acquisition do you think has had the biggest impact on the Habs?
Without a doubt, Michel Therrien. When he was hired I was very negative on him (I wasn't alone), but in comparison to last year, the team is obviously playing miles better. Of course, we're only eight games in, but right now it's definitely the coach.

4. PK Subban would look good in Black & Gold in 2014, especially playing defense in front of his brother. My question is: Will you still like PK then?
I respectfully disagree, P.K. can make almost any outfit look good, except for a Bruins jersey. He would look terrible in one. To answer your question, I can't cheer for a man in a Boston Bruins jersey. I can, however, cheer for a man in a Team Canada jersey. So I would feel about him the way I feel about Patrice Bergeron.

5. What's your favorite Bruins/Habs moment?
One that I wasn't around for: The Too Many Men game. One that I was present for? I was lucky enough to go to the Canadiens centennial game against the Bruins. I loved it not only because the Habs won, but also the energy in the building was just amazing. I don't know any other team that the Habs could have played that night that would have felt like that. This rivalry is truly something else, and as horribly narcissistic as this sounds, nobody understands it except for us Habs fans and Bruins fans. The pretenders are cute though. Vancouver-Chicago. Please.

6. Poutine or Poutine Tots?
Oh man, I still think about those Poutine Tots (from the Lower Depths, in Boston, go, everyone) all the time, which means I need to visit, but you really can't beat the original when it's done right.

7. Which Bruins player do you wish was a Hab? (You can't pick Patrice Bergeron, he's perfect and everyone wants him)
I pick Patrice Bergeron anyway. Also I pick Patrice Bergeron. No really, I pick Patrice Bergeron.

8. Next time I see you, can we do a triple low five?
In addition to getting Poutine (or Poutine tots, depending on who visits first), yes, of course. Maybe it can be at a Red Sox game and the Sox will win and we can Triple Low Five at the ballpark.

9. Who should I stop hating on the Habs?
None of them, because if you stop hating any of them, they're not doing their jobs right.

10. Prediction for game on Wednesday night?
It's going to be a gong show, I think. The score will be close, and the penalty minutes will be off the charts. I think the Habs win 5-4. BRING IT ON I CAN'T WAIT.