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Eyes on the Prize File Spurious Claim Against Stanley Cup of Chowder

Seriously, guys? Fuck you.
Seriously, guys? Fuck you.

Earlier today, Eyes on the Prize filed a grievance with SBNation over the #OffersheetTheActiveStick movement that's been growing here. We at Stanley Cup of Chowder are furiously dialing Colin Campbell to get us out of trouble again, but until that comes in, we at Stanley Cup of Chowder would just like to say "bullshit."

That's right. Bullshit.

We at Stanley Cup of Chowder are always looking for top writing talent to bring the best possible coverage of the Bruins to you, our readers. Chowdaheads deserve the best and we try to deliver. Sometimes that means getting a commenter to write and sometimes that means exploring options outside the blog. In our pursuit of top hockey blogging talent, we have looked in non-conventional markets, such as Montreal.

Yes, it's true, Montreal seems an odd place to find a Bruins blogger but we do what we have to do. As for the matter of negotiating with a writer under contract, it's not our fault that other blogs don't take advantage of these opportunities. As the Dark Lord of SBNHockey said, "I suppose I'll file this, although I can't guarantee anything will be done."

If that doesn't mean we should pursue all possible talent through all possible venues, I don't know what does. We aim to be the anti-Jacobs. We intend to get this deal done as soon as possible. And many more after it.

Plus, Andy's the one who brought it up in the first place. So I'm not sure why he's all typical Montreal about it.