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Bruins Goals Against Montreal in 2011-2012

Let's take a look into the past and relive last season, when the Bruins went 4-2 in the season series against the Habs. Good times.

Richard Wolowicz

Thursday, October 27: Montreal 2, Boston 1

Okay, so the first game was a loss, but keep two things in mind: hahaha October 2011 was a joke, and hey - at least they scored a power play goal!

1. Patrice Bergeron

Saturday, October 29: Montreal 4, Boston 2

Again, lol October. Corny and I were actually at this game. It was a good time.

1. Lucic

2. Seguin

Monday November 11: Boston 1, Montreal 0

Haha shutout.

1. Andrew Ference

Monday, December 19: Boston 3, Montreal 2

Mid-Cunneyworth controversy, the Bruins extended Montreal's losing streak. Also: Benoit Pouliot.

1. Benoit Pouliot

2. David Krejci

3. Brad Marchand

Thursday, January 12: Boston 2, Montreal 1

Crowd cares more about Tebow and the Broncos than the team in front of it. Montreal is as sad-sack as they'll ever be.

1. Jordan Caron

"ROOM SERVICE! With a nice tip for the waiter!" - Jack Edwards

2. Milan Lucic

Wednesday, February 15: Boston 4, Montreal 3 (SO)

It took a shootout in the last contest between these two teams, but the black and gold reigned victorious at the end of it all.

1. Andrew Ference

2. Benoit Pouliot

3. Le Patrice Bergeron

4. And in the shootout - Tyler Seguin.