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Breaking Down the Breakdown: Teenagers are Stupid (Especially Jeff Skinner)


Welcome to a new semi-regular feature at Stanley Cup of Chowder: Breaking Down the Breakdown. We will break down exactly what happened on a defensive breakdown that resulted in the Bruins giving up a goal. Today we talk about Jeff Skinner scoring in Carolina.

Local Flavor

Ryan Harnedy and I co-founded Metal Horns In Famous Places a while ago. I asked him to provide a breakdown from Carolina. Here's what we got:

Between the Buried and Me's "Selkies: The Endless Obsession"

Hailing from the city and state which cruelly stole the Whalers, Between the Buried and Me play an intellectual brand of hardcore which borrows as much from the noise-rock of Sonic Youth as the raw fury of Converge. Big fans of odd time signatures, funky breaks and bursts of sheer shredness BTBAM aren't always an easy listen but they're always worth listening to. For fans of: Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, The sound of dropping a peach pit into a garbage disposal.
Breakdown at 2:28 or so.

The Breakdown

This all starts with an icing. Then the play goes up and down but that's not in

Shawn Thornton has the puck on his stick.

Okay, had. Staal grabs it and chips it past Ference.

Jeff Skinner flies in like he borrowed daddy's Porsche

Gets deep inside

Feel the excitement yet?

Mmmm-Hmmm, home cooking. Feels like family. Families hug.

So there you have it. I hope you've enjoyed this episode of Breaking Down the Breakdown. It's almost analysis!