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Bruins vs Senators Recap: What is the opposite of a barnburner?

The Bruins won in less than thrilling fashion in front of a less than thrilling crowd tonight, beating the Sens 2-1 and ending their five-game winning streak.


Woof, that was a pretty painful game to watch, eh? Sweet fancy moses. Between the number of times a puck was lost in someone's skates and the terrible passing and the broken PK streak, I just...yeah. Okay. Let's get this over with.


+ Uh, the Bruins won. That is a definite plus. Gotta pad my stats here.

+ TUUKKA RASK. Okay, granted, his workload wasn't as tough as the guy in the other net, but he made some excellent quality saves, and the only goal the Senators managed was not his fault at all; Rask made the initial save - possibly the initial two or three saves - before the puck trickled in. Theme of the night.

+ Ron Poster played Swedish House Mafia on the Garden organ. That was interesting.



- Okay but seriously. The penalty kill streak ended at 27.

- 7 for 52 on the PP as of now. Pretty bad.

- Let's talk about Chris Bourque. It's old hat at this point, but he looked pretty bad again tonight - the epitome of his night was diving to keep the puck in the zone on the powerplay, and then immediately bouncing it back out off an Ottawa defenseman's skates. He seems to spin his wheels pretty hard - the effort is there - but he just can't complete it, which is too bad.

- Seriously the number of times David Krejci and his linemates lost the puck in their skates was AWFUL. Basically the Bruins played like crap for 60 minutes (luckily, so did the Sens...) and got two fluky goals in their favor. 13-2-2. Not bad.

o Not quite a minus or a plus but man, Robin Lehner stood on his head tonight. We may see a lot more of him in the near future, and that night be a good thing for the Sens.