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Monday Morning Skate: How 'bout them Blue Jackets?

The other 63 and the other 46.
The other 63 and the other 46.

Good morning everyone, hope those of you reading this that made it to Game On had a great time yesterday. I know I did. Batting cages are pretty sweet. Anyhow, yesterday another thing happened: The Blue Jackets won their 5th game in a row for the first time since November 24, 2010. The most recent time before that? December 12, 2006. The only other time it's happened was April 1st, 2006. It looks like they never won 5 in a row during the pre-lockout era, probably due to ties and things. The April 1st, 2006 time was the only time they followed that up with a win, making April 3, 2006 the only time the Blue Jackets have ever won 6 in a row. Ever.

This team could do it, too. Jarmo's magic is working. They next play Vancouver, who got knocked out of first place in the division by the Wild last night. Which owns. Check out Charlie Coyle being a badass over here:

Yeah, decent. Decent.

Bruins are in Ottawa tonight, poor guys. Oh well, just gotta pick up 2 points and jet outta there.